The Perfect Camping Meals For Everyone

A big part of creating lasting memories with your family at the campground are the camping meals you share. It doesn’t matter whether you follow a special diet or whether you throw caution to the wind and eat all your favorites, the best way to enjoy the camping food you eat is to have a plan.

RV Camping Meals For The Whole Family

The last thing you want to do at the campground is spend a lot of time in the RV kitchen cooking while everyone else is enjoying the great outdoors.

To save you time and energy, we’ve gathered hundreds of camping meals and camping food recipes for you.

Check out our selection of camping meal topics below and don’t forget to pick up our FREE camping menu planner before you leave.

Camping Meals For Every Eating Style & Budget

Now, let’s get on with some recipes! Here’s our growing collection of Camping meal recipes.

How Do You Plan a Meal For Camping?

Planning your camping meals is the key to a successful and relaxing time around the campfire with your family.

It’s really easy to plan for camping meals and a little prep now will save you so much time and energy at the campground. The last think you want to do is spend all your time cooking in the camper while everyone else is outside enjoying nature.

Here are a few tips for camping meal planning.

  • Keep it simple- There’s no shame in sandwiches and hot dogs
  • Pack Snacks That Aren’t Too Messy [Except you can’t skip the s’mores…sorry]
  • Do all your cutting prep work ahead and put veggies and fruits in baggies for easy grab n go snacks.
  • There’s no shame in disposable products in my book
  • Plan for easy to eat single ingredient like bananas, nuts, and fresh local veggies
  • Use a handy meal planner, like our digital meal planner, especially if you are on a special diet.

Why Should I Meal Plan For Camping?

Perhaps you don’t think it’s necessary to menu plan for the campground.

I didn’t used to think so either.

I mean, it’s a couple packs of hot dogs and some marshmallows, right?


That may have been true when it was just you and your significant other, but with kids, I’ve got to have a plan or I’m going to run out of food before we get the scotches on the wheels!

Reasons for planning your camping meals include:

  • You are on a special eating plan- Diabetic, Low-Carb, Keto, Gluten Free, etc.
  • You are on a budget, but don’t want to miss the “special” things at the campground
  • You are going to be in a remote area and accessing something you forgot may be a challenge
  • You just don’t want to “think about” what you are going to make while you are trying to relax

Camping Meal Menu Planner [Digital & Interactive]

If you’ve been around here much you KNOW I love my Google Sheets RV Digital checklists and planners!

It is great having your planning in Google Sheets. You can work on your plan or your grocery list anywhere and at anytime.

I especially love that I can update it and check off items after I purchase them or uncheck them when they are used up so I always have an accurate list.

Get Yours Now

Free Camping Meal Planner

If you aren’t sure you are ready to purchase a meal planner just for camping, I get it. But don’t go away empty handed. I’ve put together this completely FREE Printable Camping Meal Planner for you.

“I’ve never had to decorate a plate to get someone to eat it. If your food is good enough, they will eat it off a shingle.”

Kent Rollins

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